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No verification. No limits. No holds.
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No bureaucracy

Instant crediting and withdrawal of funds without limits and holdings
Without verification, only email is needed to start and register
Simple API, it takes no more than 10 minutes to start
Integration with popular HYIP engines out of the box
GoldCoders, H-script, Blitz-Script,
SP Hyip Engine, CRAIDAN ENGINE, Linkhyip, Yield Coders and other.
Projects accept payments via Paykassa
You can create your own checkout page or direct users to a standard payment page that adjusts to your website design
Example of a standard payment page
Deposits at 0%, withdrawals up to 4%
Service Fees
Users are actively using Paykassa
Adequate technical support 24/7, speaking Russian and English
Our support for all questions

We connect those who are denied by others

High-risk projects

Most popular questions

Are there any deposit and withdrawal limits?
No, one of the main principles of Paykassa is "No limits". You can accept and withdraw any amount in the morning, afternoon, evening and night, 24/7.
Where can I see the fees for deposits / withdrawals?
The basic tariff rates can be found on the page, we are also ready to discuss reducing fees at high turnovers for merchants.
How fast is withdrawal?
Instantly, we have no withdrawal delays and always will. We know how important this is for you;)
Do you work with HYIP projects?
Yes - we are working, in addition, Paykassa is out of the box integrated with popular HYIP engines: GoldCoders, H-script, Blitz-Script and others. For deposits and setting up withdrawals, you only need an e-mail.

Paykassa accepts 17+ popular cryptocurrencies

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